AFTN Soccer Show (Vancouver Whitecaps/MLS)

The AFTN football/soccer podcast primarily about Vancouver Whitecaps, Major League Soccer, and the Canadian Premier League with lots of interviews and fun segments thrown in.

It's Episode 13 of "There's Still Time", the AFTN podcast.

Unlucky for some but not for you dear listener as we bring you a special podcast to tie in with Residency Week here on AFTN.

We have an interview with two Vancouver Whitecaps Residency players before they headed off to Dallas for the USSDA playoffs, goalscoring sensation Brody Huitema and the very in-form Spencer DeBoice.

We're joined in the car park of UBC's Thunderbird Stadium (yup, we record anywhere!) by Zachary Meisenheimer and Steven Lamothe to look at how the season has gone for the Caps U16s and U18s and we take a look at some of the exciting players that are coming through the program and could take the pitch one day for the MLS Caps.

We have an in-depth chat about the prospects of Sam Adekugbe and Brody Huitema, amongst others, and debate if/when we'll see more of the Residency products not just in the MLS squad but getting serious minutes in the first team.

For those of you not interested in the Residency you can fast forward to the end because there's still time for us to look ahead to the Caps in MLS action in the upcoming road trip to DC United and Sporting Kansas City.

We know that a lot of the content in this podcast won't be for everyone but we think it's one of our best ones so far, just for the enthusiasm of four grown men talking passionately about the future of Vancouver Whitecaps and Canadian soccer!

Episode 12 of "There's Still Time", the AFTN podcast, and it's another one of our post game pods.

Buoyed by Vancouver Whitecaps' excellent, if somewhat fortuitous, comeback win over the New England Revolution, Steve and myself look at the match, the game turning moment all of the highs and lows.

We hear post game from both managers, Martin Rennie and Jay Heaps, along with some chat from Kenny Miller. There's a look at the impact the Scotsman is having on the Caps this season, what Johnny Leveron joining the Honduran camp may mean for the next match and we look ahead to that game against Chivas on Wednesday.

And there's still time to hear from Whitecaps legend Carl Valentine about joining the Twittersphere.

Episode eleven of "There's Still Time", the AFTN podcast. Our last podcast was just before the Voyageurs Cup final and there's been a lot happening in Whitecapsland since then.

There are no cups running over in Vancouver, just a lot of heartache and a long season still ahead.

Recorded on location at UBC at the Caps' U23 friendly with North Sound Sea Wolves, we briefly look back at the highs of the New York and the lows of Montreal, before moving on to look at the Alain Rochat trade, the heartbreaking loss in Seattle and the back to back home games coming up for the Whitecaps.

And there's still time to look at the hot news topic in Canadian soccer this week, the CSA taking action against the Quebec soccer federation for their banning of wearing turbans whilst playing. With co-host Steve being a Sikh himself, we get an interesting insight into the whole debacle.

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