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It's here! It's here! Well nearly. The 2019 MLS season kicks off on Saturday when Vancouver Whitecaps host Minnesota United at BC Place. You ready? We are here at AFTN with our first preview podcast of the year.

Joe, Nick, and Gideon return, and the Terrific Trio become the Fab Four with a new addition to the team. Who could it be? Listen and find out!

How prepared are the 'Caps for this one? With an injury crisis at left back looming, how will MDS set up his team? Who will get the first goal of the season and the first read card? And just what kind of threat do a new look Minnesota side post them? All of those topics and a lot more are discussed this week.

And it amongst all the chat, Do You Know Who I Am? returns, as does the prediction game and more. Have a listen!

One week to go till the 2019 Major League Soccer season kicks off. Are you ready? Are Vancouver Whitecaps?

A winless preseason has wrapped up, with Whitecaps players still joining up with the squad as late as Thursday. How much will that impact the team's start to the new season? When will they mesh and fire on all cylinders? There's defensive concerns, especially in the left back area, but also attacking ones with just two goals in their five matches.

So a lot for us to talk about this week, and we do just that with our two special guests, Whitecaps head coach Marc Dos Santos and returning striker Fredy Montero.

We also look at the main MLS and CPL news from the past week and bring you two Wavelengths in tribute to West Ham legend Bobby Moore on the anniversary of his death.

Here's the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

02.58: Vancouver Whitecaps preseason comes to a losing end
08.26: Marc Dos Santos interview Part One and discussion
25.01: Fredy Montero interview and striker chat
47.30: Marc Dos Santos interview Part Two and defensive discussion
70.07: Wavelength - Serious Drinking - Bobby Moore Was Innocent
75.46: MLS News of the Week
89.55: Canadian Premier League News of the Week
100.22: Wavelength - The Business - Viva Bobby Moore
104.17: BC Soccerweb headlines - football news from around the world

There's two weeks till the new MLS season gets underway which is both exciting and worrying for Vancouver Whitecaps fans.

Fredy Montero is returning to Vancouver and set to join the team in LA later this week. But as new players continue to be announced and get set to join the preseason camp, who will arrive in time to stake a claim to a place in the starting XI on March 2nd against Minnesota?

We look at that and who has the advantage right now, after the latest preseason friendly. Plus we delve a little bit into the 'Chalk Talk' Marc Dos Santos gave the media this past week

We also give our picks for how the MLS West and East will play out, look at the MLS and CPL news from the past week and bring you two Wavelengths in tribute to the recently departed Gordon Banks.

Here's the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

03.48: Fredy Montero is back!
20.53: Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive - Andy Rose
26.20: Whitecaps chat - the latest preseason match v LA Galaxy, who's starting v Minnesota, squad battles, and MDS' tactics
45.32: Wavelength - La Ruda Salska - La Parade de Gordon Banks
52.32: MLS season predictions
78.32: MLS News of the Week
90.47: Canadian Championship chat and the thoughts of MDS
99.45: Marcel de Jong - TVOD
103.30: Wavelength - The Bantams - Gordon Banks
109.09: BC Soccerweb headlines - football news from around the world

Football in the snow conjures up some fantastic images. Orange balls. Sliding tackles. Cleared lines marked on pitches. A football show in the snow isn't quite as magical but we try our best to keep you all cozy again this week as Snowmageddon 2019 hits Vancouver.

Thankfully for the Whitecaps, they've been in the tropical climes of Hawaii. Unfortunately for them, they're flying home! That'll be a shock to their system, as was some of the Whitecaps news of the week. We delve into it all looking at the arrivals of Erik Godoy and Joaquin Ardaiz, the rumoured additions of Fredy Montero and Brian Ruiz, the departure of Marcel de Jong, and, of course, the 'Caps two preseason matches in Hawaii. Not that you can glean too much from those.

We also sit down for chats with Whitecaps midfielders Andy Rose and David Norman about returning to MLS, the season ahead, and their respective times in Scotland with Motherwell and Queen of the South.

Plus some MLS and CPL news from the past week and Soccer Hooligans feature in this week's Wavelength section.

Here's the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

06.39:: Whitecaps News of the Week - Hawaii preseason matches, Godoy and Ardaiz arrive, de Jong departs, Montero and Ruiz rumours
40.50: David Norman interview and discussion
52.22: More Whitecaps discussion
64.35: Andy Rose interview and midfield discussion
81.24: MLS News of the Week
87.18: Canadian Premier League News of the Week
97.18: Wavelength - Soccer Hooligans - Football In The Snow
108.39: BC Soccerweb headlines - football news from around the world

It's all about the Three I's for Vancouver Whitecaps right now - improvement, intensity, and integration.

Phase Two of the Whitecaps' preseason training camp is underway in Hawaii. A snafu seems to have seen our flight tickets lost in the post, so we're stuck in chilly Vancouver, but we'll make the most of it and try and warm everyone's cockles with another packed episode of the AFTN Soccer Show.

It's been another week of coming and goings in Whitecapsland and we look at it all, plus we get the thoughts of 'Caps coach Marc Dos Santos on the signing of Hwang In-beom and Scott Sutter, what they mean to the team and the battle for the right back position, the intensity of preseason training so far, and how he's integrating the young Whitecaps players into the first team squad.

We also catch up with new addition Scott Sutter about his move from Orlando, his experience he brings to the group, the right back battle ahead, and what he's made of MLS so far.

In our feature interview week, we sit down with new Whitecaps U23 head coach Nick Dasovic for a lengthy chat about the development squad, why it's important to the club, where it fits into the local footballing seen, and how he sees it as an opportunity to develop the guys as both players and people. It's a fantastic chat that will leave you enthused about both the team and the man leading it.

All this, plus the MLS and CPL News of the Week, and The Macc Lads are this week's Wavelength band.

Here's the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

10.02: Hwang In-beom officially signed - the thoughts of Marc Dos Santos and ourselves
22.35: Scott Sutter interview and right back discussion
43.35: Competition for places chat including MDS audio
51.18: Integrating young players with more MDS audio
57.39: Nick Dasovic Whitecaps development team interview and discussion
94.32: MLS News of the Week
108.49: Wavelength - The Macc Lads - Don't Fear the Sweeper
113.20: BC Soccerweb headlines - football news from around the world

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