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Episode 310 - The AFTN Soccer Show (Simple Things with guest Kei Kamara)
Nov 26th, 2018 by aftn at 5:46 pm

The end of November. A time of the year in MLS in which the losers cut their loss and the final four standing make a push for glory. Once again Vancouver Whitecaps fall into the former category. One year things may be different. Maybe next year!

But all we're left with this time around it to look back at what could have been, so to do that we kick off our Whitecaps Year In Review with an analysis of what went wrong and what went right during preseason. How much hope did you come away with? Was the squad assembled correctly in terms of both personnel and money management? Who came, who left, and were those decisions correct? All that chat and a lot more.

Plus we sit down with one of this year's new additions to the 'Caps, striker Kei Kamara to chat about his Heart Shaped Hands Foundation, his work in Sierra Leone, and the state of the football over there right now.

All this plus we talk take out food with Jordon Mutch, bring you some Canadian Women's U17 national team and MLS chat, and lots more.

Here's the full episode rundown of the main segments from the show:

03.40: Player Options Eve
07.04: MLS Conference finals chat
22.03: AFTN awards - Heroes and Villains
33.10: Whitecaps Year In Review (Part One - Preseason)
61.34: Kei Kamara interview on his Heart Shaped Hands charity
72.07: Jordon Mutch - Take Me Out
75.45: Canadian Women's U17 national team chat
80.14: Wavelength - Lars Vaular - Gary Speed
87.10: BC Soccerweb headlines - a look at some stories from around the football world

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