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Episode 39 - The AFTN Soccer Podcast (Arizona Baby! with Carl Robinson and Andy O’Brien)
Feb 4th, 2014 by aftn at 12:22 am

The Whitecaps have headed for the heat of Arizona but we're keeping it real (cold) in Vancouver for Episode 39 of "There's Still Time".

It's a busy show as we continue to report on the Caps' training camp. We share our thoughts on the completion of phase one of the camp but who better to hear from on how it's all gone so far than Whitecaps head coach Carl Robinson?!

Carl joins us for an exclusive chat about what he's seen from the players so far and what he's looking for and planning in Arizona.

With a young squad on board, it's a time for the veterans to really step up and one of them who has done just that is Andy O'Brien. Andy has been a leader in the first week of training, sharing his wealth of knowledge with the rookies and excelling in the fitness testing.

We have a chat with him about that gruelling session and find out what advice he's giving the young guns just starting out on their pro football careers.

It was fitness Friday last week. We look over the results of the endurance, agility and speed testing and there were some surprises on show. One man that really knows his fitness and conditioning is the new Whitecaps' coach Martyn Pert and we get his thoughts on how the sessions went down.

There's still holes in the Caps squad of course and we turn to Twitter to get some thoughts from our listeners as to what their biggest fears are about the team as of right now.

And there's still time for Steve and myself to pick who is our starting XI for March 8th as of right now.

Have a listen!

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