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Episode 135 - The AFTN Podcast (Feeling Drafty)
Dec 10th, 2015 by aftn at 11:29 pm

The 2015 MLS season is over. The less said about exactly how it ended, the better. But that all now means that the silly season is upon us and we're not talking about Christmas festive frolics.

As 19 teams look back as to why the didn't win the MLS Cup and Portland work on how they can retain it, let the magic roundabout of player movement begin with drafts and trades galore.

The Whitecaps have been fairly quiet so far, but we kick off the first of three special end of season roundtables with a look at the players the Whitecaps have released from their roster and who they may like to acquire from the upcoming MLS Re-Entry draft, free agents and trades.

We also have a look at what the new TAM agreement may mean to the 'Caps moving forward.

Regular AFTN roundtablers Jay Duke, Steven Lamothe and Zachary Meisenheimer join regular hosts Michael McColl and Steve Pandher to look back at, and ahead to, all of the latest happenings.

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