AFTN Soccer Show (Vancouver Whitecaps/MLS)

The AFTN football/soccer podcast primarily about Vancouver Whitecaps, Major League Soccer, and the Canadian Premier League with lots of interviews and fun segments thrown in.
Episode 188 - The AFTN Soccer Show (The State Of The Whitecaps)
Apr 17th, 2017 by aftn at 11:26 am

A two and a half hour roundtable discussion on the state of Vancouver Whitecaps and Canadian Soccer? Yes please! But don't worry, you don't have to listen to it all in the one sitting because we've split Sunday's mammoth CiTR radio show into two podcasts.

Your usual AFTN hosts are joined by Jay Duke to chat about all things Whitecaps, Canadian Premier League, and the recent 2026 World Cup bid. The 'Caps chat is in today's podcast, and the World Cup and Canadian PL one will be coming on Thursday.

In this first podcast, we look at the current state of the team, what areas need to be strengthened, who should move on, formations, tactics, how the season might play out and much more.

We're also joined by 'Caps keeper David Ousted for our new segment of the show - 'Me, My Shelf, and I' - as the Dane chats about his favourite books, author, and what he's currently reading.

Have a listen!

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