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Episode 20 - The AFTN Soccer Podcast (What lies ahead for Whitecaps and MLS?)
Sep 19th, 2013 by aftn at 11:02 pm

Episode 20 of "There's Still Time", the AFTN podcast, is another of our popular roundtables.

Recorded in two parts, this the second part, the first of which was published as Episode 19 last week.

My usual co-host Steve and myself are joined by Zachary Meisenhamer from Curva Collective, long time fan Steven Lamothe and AFTN writer Jay Duke to a lot of Caps and MLS talking points.

After looking at the state of the Whitecaps nation last episode, our five man team try and look at where things have gone wrong this season. We turn our attentions to Martin Rennie, what he brings to the Caps and the future of the gaffer and the Whitecaps, this season and beyond.

Is he responsible for the Whitecaps' poor recent form or do the players have to shoulder a lot of the responsibility? If Rennie is to be replaced, who are the main candidates out there to take over and will any changes go further up the managerial chain?

And there's still time to chat about transparency in MLS, or lack of.
So many questions! There's some answers but there's also a lot more debated in amongst it all too, including Bobby Lenarduzzi being compared to your local corner store, David Ferreira to sticking a straw into a cow's neck and what magical shoe purchases can be made with allocation money.

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