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Episode 200 - The AFTN Soccer Show (Canadian Premier League special with Paul Beirne and Daniel Squizzato)
Jun 12th, 2017 by aftn at 3:42 am

It's a milestone episode for the AFTN Soccer Show, and we're dedicating our 200th episode to a milestone in Canadian soccer - the new Canadian Premier League.

We'll chat about league logistics including locations, stadiums, the timing of the season, the player pool, and will we see a team here in the lower mainland and elsewhere in BC?

We kick things off with an extensive chat with the Director of Business for the CPL, Paul Beirne, split into two parts [Part One at 03:52 / Part Two at 24:49], and we also hear the thoughts of long time league advocate Daniel Squizzato [53.00].

The league may still be at least a year away from starting but the supporters are already getting organised and fully behind it. With two cities already confirmed as having teams, Winnipeg and Hamilton, we chat to James Hutton [82:50] from the latter's supporters group, the Barton St Battalion. And we also talk to James Covey [100:56] from a supporters group hoping their city, Halifax, gets a club.

All this, and a lot, lot more.

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Have a listen!

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