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Episode 210 - The AFTN Soccer Show (Chicken on a Bear with guests Carl Robinson, Fredy Montero, Cole Seiler, and Sem de Wit)
Jul 17th, 2017 by aftn at 10:45 am

Woah. We're halfway there. Are Vancouver Whitecaps' playoff hopes living on a prayer or are they on a firmer footing? We look at the high and lows of the season so far, and what may lie ahead, as we chat with head coach Carl Robinson and striker Fredy Montero.

We also look at Canada's showing in the group games at the Gold Cup and the threat Jamaica poses, plus The Fall make their first appearance in our Wavelength section, Cole Seiler talks books, and does Martyn Pert fancy a chocolate digestive?

Here's the full episode rundown:

02:23 Canada and Gold Cup chat
18:35 Whitecaps season so far
22:05 Carl Robinson interview
32:12 Whitecaps midseason survey results and chat
39:33 Anyone fancy a chocolate digestive – with Martyn Pert
41:58 Whitecaps transfers, loans and rumours
48:28 Sem de Wit interview
55:39 Fredy Montero interview and discussion
65:41 WFC2 season so far and Rich Fagan interview
71:12 LA preview
80:44 'Me, My Shelf, and I' - Cole Seiler talks books
85:49 TSS Rovers end of season wrap up and Colin Elmes interview
97:53 Wavelength - The Fall

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