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Episode 217 - The AFTN Soccer Show (It’s Time To Dream with guest Robert Earnshaw)
Sep 4th, 2017 by aftn at 1:45 pm

It's a bye week for Vancouver Whitecaps in MLS due to the international break. Seems the perfect time to have a roundtable discussion on the 'Caps season so far, the highlights and low points, and what may lie in store, and we're joined by Anna Namshirin to do just that.

We also catch up with Welsh legend Robert Earnshaw to chat about his transition into coaching and his new role as Whitecaps U17 assistant coach.

All this, plus our new gameshow Caps Countdown and there's more Welsh legends when Goldie Lookin' Chain are in this week's Wavelength section,
Here's the full episode rundown:

06.46: The 'Caps season so far and playoff hopes
25.43: 'Caps Countdown - Round One
30.54: The future is bright but is the future Robbo?
37.24: Player of the Year so far and the key down stretch
39.51: Does Robbo know his best team? Do we?!
42.38: I Don't Know What I Did That For with Alphonso Davies plus Canada v Jamaica chat
49.33: 'Caps Countdown - Round Two
52.57: Robert Earnshaw interview
64.21: The next Residency and WFC2 breakout stars
68.05: Flash Five - Canadian U23 men's midfielders
72.18: 'Caps Countdown - Round Three
76.49: BC Soccer Web headlines
86.52: Wavelength - Goldie Lookin' Chain
92.26: Caps Countdown - Round Four

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