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Episode 232 - The AFTN Soccer Show (AB Positive)
Dec 4th, 2017 by aftn at 5:39 pm

It might be the offseason, but what a busy week for Vancouver Whitecaps. There were new additions, players leaving, new deals being discussed, transfer rumours, and more.

We look at some of the big stories in Whitecapsland and in MLS this week and we also continue our Vancouver Whitecaps end of season review with a look at March and April. How did these months shape the 'Caps year to come?

Here's the full episode rundown:

01.59: Whitecaps News of the Week - options exercised, Blondell and Norman additions
26.44: MLS News of the Week - MLS Cup, any available players of interest, expansion latest
43.38: Wavelength - When Saturday Comes
47.49: AFTN's Whitecaps Year In Review - March
63.03: AFTN's Whitecaps Year In Review - April (continued)
69.20: Flash Five - Best Whitecaps Goals In 2015
74.35: AFTN's Whitecaps Year In Review - April (continued)
79.20: Take Me Out - Stewart Kerr
82.02: BC Soccerweb headlines

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