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Episode 233 - The AFTN Soccer Show (Everything Will Be A-OKK with Kei Kamara)
Dec 11th, 2017 by aftn at 4:59 pm

The 2017 MLS season is now finally officially over, but the offseason has been in very much full swings for several weeks now.

And it's been another busy few days in Whitecapsland. A lot of player movement, potential movement, and news stories to cover from both a Vancouver and MLS standpoint and we'll look at a lot of them in this episode.

In fact there's so much to cover that we're splitting Sunday's AFTN Soccer Show from the radio into two podcasts this week, so that we can bring you a bonus addition of the first chat with new signing Kei Kamara in this episode.

We'll also look at the players protected by the Whitecaps ahead of this week's expansion draft, further signing rumours, the latest with Yordy Reyna, the new TAM allocation in MLS, and The Oppressed feature in this week's Wavelength feature.

That song and other elements of this episode contain strong language so the usual advisory warning is in effect and it's NSFW.


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