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Episode 26 - The AFTN Soccer Podcast (The 3M Episode - Mattocks, Martin, Managers)
Nov 8th, 2013 by aftn at 1:38 am

It's Episode 26 of "There's Still Time", the AFTN podcast and it's our first end of the season roundtable. Still feels a little premature that the season's done and dusted.

Steve and myself are joined by a couple of familiar voices in Steven Lamothe and Zachary Meisenhamer from Curva Collective and at long last our schedules aligned and we're joined by long time listener, first time podder, former head honcho of the Southsiders, John Knox.

It's the 3M edition - Mattocks, Martin, Managers.

It's been a busy time in Whitecapsland since our last pod and we kick things off this episode with the main talking point of the week - the Darren Mattocks' mouth. Is there any love in the room for last year's leading scorer and is there any way he'll be kitted out in a Whitecaps strip next season?

From someone that might be leaving to someone that has already left - Martin Rennie. Rennie's departure split the fans and it also splits our panel. We discuss where it all went wrong for the Scot, but there's also some love coming his way for his turning of this team around, something that's been missed a little in all the managerial hotseat fallout.

So now that the Caps are looking for a new manager, who will it be? We chat about the expected contenders and throw in a couple of other names that have been rumoured to have made the shortlist.

Do we want any of them and are our options going to be a little bit limited by the infamous committee?
And there's still time to read out tweets from our listeners as to who they would ideally like to have at the Whitecaps helm and show how up with the latest trends we are by talking about the TV show "Cheers".

We'd planned to talk about a lot more, but once we get started, the time just flies. So we recorded a second podcast and you can here that next week!

So have a listen and sorry about the echoey feel to some of it!

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