AFTN Soccer Show (Vancouver Whitecaps/MLS)

The AFTN football/soccer podcast primarily about Vancouver Whitecaps, Major League Soccer, and the Canadian Premier League with lots of interviews and fun segments thrown in.
Episode 299 - The AFTN Soccer Show (No Room For Error - Vancouver v Dallas preview show)
Sep 21st, 2018 by aftn at 2:35 pm

Last week's loss to Seattle hit Vancouver Whitecaps' playoff hopes hard, but they're still hovering around the playoff line, albeit underneath it, as second placed FC Dallas come to town on Sunday.

Joe, Nick, and Gideon look ahead to the match in this week's preview podcast. Can they bounce back from last week's loss? Are they meeting Dallas at the right time after their own mini dip in form? And is there really hope of the playoffs or are we simply grasping at a fantasy?

There's a lot on the line, as there will be every week now going forward if the 'Caps can grind out results, and we bring you a new twist on the "Do You Know Who I Am?" game and it's a fun one.

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