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Episode 309 - The AFTN Soccer Show (Building An Empire with guest Brett Levis)
Nov 19th, 2018 by aftn at 2:48 pm

After a busy, and dramatic, couple of weeks, it's been a chance for everyone in Whitecapsland to catch their breath, and take time to reflect on the season past and the season yet to come.

It also finally gives us the chance to kick off our AFTN awards season, and we're joined by Joe Deasy to kick this week's show off with a look at who we feel are Vancouver Whitecaps' Player and Young Player of the Year, and chat what we think are the 'Caps Goal, Game, Save, and Miss of the Year.

After our excellent chat with new 'Caps coach Marc Dos Santos last week, we're excited about what lies ahead in Vancouver. He mentioned that he feels having some MLS experience in the squad is crucial, so we don our Armchair GM hat to look around the league and see what goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, and forwards that Dos Santos could realistically play for, and who and what we might have to give up in return.

All this plus we sit down for an in-depth chat with Whitecaps defender Brett Levis about his season, his MLS journey so far, and what the future holds in store. Plus Canadian national team chat and Halftime Oranges are back for this week's Wavelength section.

Here's the full episode rundown of the main segments from the show:

03.05: AFTN awards season begins - Whitecaps Player, Young Player, Game, Goal, Save, and Miss of the Year
27.56: Building a (realistic) MLS dream team - Goalkeepers and Defenders
55.13: Building a (realistic MLS dream team - Midfielders and Forwards
85.24: Brett Levis interview and Canadian 'Caps chat
101.55: Canadian national team chat - Men and Women U17
110.37: Wavelength - Halftime Oranges - Vinnie Jones
113.32: BC Soccerweb headlines - a look at some stories from around the football world

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