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Episode 34 - The AFTN Soccer Podcast (Triple A edition)
Jan 14th, 2014 by aftn at 2:43 am

Your eyes and ears are not deceiving you. We're back already with another new episode of ”There’s Still Time”.

Nope, we've not become a new daily show (although if anyone wants to throw some money our way to make that happen then feel free!), but it's been a busy start to the year in Whitecapsland, apart from when it comes to new signings of course.

Episode 34 is a special Triple A edition, as we look at assistants, assets and asses.

Steve and myself are joined by Steven Lamothe and Zachary Meisenheimer and the debate gets quite heated as we chat about the Camilo Sanvezzo transfer saga. An infuriating and embarrassing start to the year, that looks to finally be getting settled very soon, just not in the most pleasing way for the Caps.

That issue obviously takes up the bulk of this episode but we also look at happier news with the announcement of Carl Robinson's new technical staff, and what it means for the future of the Whitecaps and the young players at the club.

We also look ahead to the upcoming MLS SuperDraft, cast our eyes over some of the players out there and look at that age old chestnut of do you draft the best player available or draft to fill your needs?

And there's still time for our new section "Dreams", where we look at listener's dream jobs in football.

And remember, everyone has options. Just choose yours wisely. Start by listening to this episode!

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