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Episode 357 - The AFTN Soccer Show (The Champs Are Here! - A 1979 Soccer Bowl Celebration with Phil Parkes, Roger Kenyon, Buzz Parsons, Ray Lewington, Kevin Hector, Willie Johnston, Tony Waiters)
Sep 8th, 2019 by aftn at 9:23 am

It was forty years ago today,
Tony Waiters brought the boys to play,
They'd been doing it in some style,
They were guaranteed to raise the smile,
So may I introduce to you,
The team you've heard about for years,
Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club Soccer Bowl champs.

This week's AFTN Soccer Show is one of celebration as we mark the 40th anniversary of Vancouver Whitecaps winning the 1979 NASL Soccer Bowl.

In a very special episode we tell the tales and hear the stories of how the 'Caps lifted their first major trophy as we chat with goalkeeper Phil Parkes, defenders Roger Kenyon and local lad Buzz Parsons, midfielder Ray Lewington, forwards King Kevin Hector and Willie Johnston, and the man, the mastermind, that made it all possible, head coach Tony Waiters.

Legends one and all, plus we find out if Carl Valentine fancies a chocolate digestive, and the 1983 Whitecaps squad feature in this week's Wavelength.

Here's the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

02.14: Vancouver Whitecaps journey to Soccer Bowl Glory
16.07: Phil Parkes interview and discussion
30.00: Roger Kenyon Interview and discussion
41.16: Buzz Parsons interview and discussion
55.48: Ray Lewington interview and discussion
68.56: Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive? - Carl Valentine
72.39: Kevin Hector interview and discussion
89.28: Willie Johnston interview and discussion
97.35: Tony Waiters interview and discussion
117.41: Wavelength - Vancouver Whitecaps 1983 Squad - This Time

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