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Episode 36 - The AFTN Soccer Podcast (Preparation H edition)
Jan 23rd, 2014 by aftn at 7:22 pm

The offseason fun never seems to stop in Whitecapsland. It's been another eventful week, but still no actual new player signings apart from draftees.

Episode 36 of "There's Still Time" rounds up all the latest tidbits and with the preseason training camp getting underway this weekend, it's our Preparation H edition.

Hardwork, high hopes, holes and hassles are the order of the day as we look at the newly announced official affiliation between Charleston Battery and Vancouver Whitecaps; the re-signing of captain Jay DeMerit; the three new draftees joining the two and a half old draftees; and the Andre Lewis saga.

We look at the holes that still need to be filled on the Whitecaps roster and take a trip down memory lane with a look at what retired Caps players of old would our listeners love to have back in their prime to help out the current team.

And there's still time to bring you a strong rumour about who the Whitecaps new assistant coach may be.

Have a listen!

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