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Episode 379 - The AFTN Soccer Show (Driving The Fun)
Feb 10th, 2020 by aftn at 4:02 pm

This week's episode of the AFTN Soccer Show falls in the CiTR Radio 'Fundrive' period, as the radio station tries to raise some money for equipment and other ventures. As such there a little bit of a different vibe, but there's also a lot of football chat as well.

The big MLS news this past week was that a new CBA has been agreed with the players and there won't be a strike. We delve into some of the big talking points coming out of it including charters, free agency, DPs, revenue, and lots more.

As Vancouver Whitecaps' second phase of the preseason comes to an end down in San Diego, we look at what can be gleaned from the three matches, some of the individual performances, the new additions, and the new strip.

We also chat about Christine Sinclair breaking the world goalscoring record, the Canadian women's national team qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics, and the latest Canadian Premier League news, including the new eighth team in Ottawa.

Here's the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

03.37: The new MLS CBA
26.15: The Whitecaps preseason phase 2
52.51: Wavelength - The Lillies - And David Seaman Will Be Very Disappointed With That
59.35: Christine Sinclair and Canadian women's national team chat
69.13: Canadian Premier League and other soccer news

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