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Episode 397 - The AFTN Soccer Show (Clouds Of My Dilemma with guest Jonathan Tannenwald)
Jun 1st, 2020 by aftn at 2:54 am

The latest AFTN Soccer Show is out and it's another packed episode.

We thought we'd have a week off from player and management interviews and just focus on the chat this week, as we look at the biggest stories both here in North American soccer and over in the UK.

Jonathan Tannenwald from Philadelphia's joins us to look at the main talking points from a busy week of news in Major League Soccer and the National Women's Soccer League. While the NWSL has a firm date to return, the MLS is still wrangling with their players. Could there even be a lockout?

Zachary Meisenheimer then joins us to focus on here in Canada as we look at the proposals to get the Canadian Premier League back playing on an island somewhere, the launch of Atletico Ottawa's new strip, and some murmurs coming out that may affect Canada's big to make the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

All this plus does Jeff Paulus fancy a chocolate digestive and we honour goalkeepers in this week's Wavelength.

Here's the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

02.37: MLS tournament plans change again
21.39: NWSL return to play all set
40.50: Is there going to be a MLS lockout?
47.20: Canadian Premier League News of the Week
65.30: Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive - Jeff Paulus
68.45: Wavelength - Animal Collective - The Goalkeeper
72.15: Is there a new CONCACAF qualification system for the 2022 World Cup>
86.03: Around The World with Joe Corona - the English Premier League returns soon

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