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The AFTN football/soccer podcast primarily about Vancouver Whitecaps, Major League Soccer, and the Canadian Premier League with lots of interviews and fun segments thrown in.
Episode 429 - The AFTN Soccer Show (3 O’Clock On A Saturday - MLS CBA discussions, CCL revamp, Raymond Weir interview, Whitecaps and CPL chat)
Feb 7th, 2021 by aftn at 6:35 pm

The latest AFTN Soccer Show is out for another packed show of Vancouver Whitecaps, Major League Soccer, and Canadian Premier League chat.

At the time of recording this episode, it looks like a MLS lockout has been avoided. We talk about what info is flying around regarding the deal between the league and the players, and debate whether the players have given up too much that they'll come to regret in the long run.

We also delve into the Whitecaps and CPL news of the week and look at the exciting revamp of the CONCACAF Champions League.

Our feature interview this episode is tied in with our latest Wavelength selection. Glasgow band The Eisenhowers released their third album last month and the last track on it, and the first single taken from it, is a football based song called "3 O'Clock On A Saturday". Dubbed "a love letter to Scottish football" it's an evocative song, made all the more meaningful by having our ability to attend football matches taken away from us just now. We chat with singer songwriter Raymond Weir about the song, how football runs deep in us all, and give it a play for you all to enjoy.

Plus we find out if former Whitecap Andy O'Brien fancies a chocolate digestive and what is FC Edmonton head coach Alan Koch's favourite jam.

Here's the rundown for the main segments from the episode:

02.12: Has a MLS lockout been avoided?
20.10: Whitecaps News of the Week
31.56: Anyone Fancy A Chocolate Digestive? - Andy O'Brien
33.22: CONCACAF Champions League revamp
46.56: Wavelength - The Eisenhowers - 3 O'Clock On A Saturday
53.30: Raymond Weir Interview
84.16: CPL transfer chat
92.56: Alan Koch's Favourite Jam
94.05: CPL prize back competition

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