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Episode 48 - The AFTN Soccer Podcast (Chivas v Whitecaps Post Game)
Mar 17th, 2014 by aftn at 2:41 am

Chivas v Vancouver Whitecaps. An uninspiring game that produced several talking points. And we're here to cover as many of them as we can.

Episode 48 of "There's Still Time" is a Chivas post game special. Michael and Steve look at all the game's talking points from the two goals to the controversial first half sending off.

How unlucky were Chivas not to come away with all three points? How did it take one sub to change the game almost single handed? And what happened to that attacking style and flair that we saw in week one and was promised on the road?

A lot of questions and a lot more besides.

We try and answer as many as we can and look at all of the Week 2 action in MLS.

And there's still time to turn our attention to more local matters, as we chat with UBC Thunderbirds head coach Mike Mosher after his team's latest victory over cross city rivals SFU. We look at the win and the recent back to back Championship win and bring you news of what Thunderbirds will be playing for the Whitecaps U23's this summer.

Have a listen!

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