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Episode 70 - The AFTN Soccer Podcast (Mash Up or Mish Mash?)
Jun 27th, 2014 by aftn at 1:08 pm

It's episode 70 of the AFTN podcast and we present to you a mash up or should that be a mish mash of styles, as we talk Vancouver Whitecaps and World Cup.

The Whitecaps were back in MLS "action" on Wednesday evening and we use that word very loosely in case the Trade Descriptions Act people get wind of it.

It may have been boring on the pitch but we have some lively post game chat about the match off it with guest Zachary Meisenheimer from Curva Collective.

What went wrong with Fun Boy Three up front? Were there any positives that could be taken from the performance? Too much rust or not enough Rusty? We look at all that and hear the post game thoughts of Caps' coach Carl Robinson.

Moving on from whatever that game was, we look ahead to the crucial Western Conference clash at the weekend with Colorado Rapids. A match that could have huge playoff implications down the playoff line.

And there's still time, a lot of it in fact, to discuss the group game stage of this year's World Cup and Jordan Harvey talks us through his emotions watching the US concede a late equaliser to Portugal. Who has impressed? Which players have shone? And just what countries don't I hate?!

Have a listen!

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