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The AFTN football/soccer podcast primarily about Vancouver Whitecaps, Major League Soccer, and the Canadian Premier League with lots of interviews and fun segments thrown in.
Episode 89 - The AFTN Soccer Podcast (Christmas Is Really Fantastic)
Dec 24th, 2014 by aftn at 4:26 am

It's Christmas time. There's no need to be afraid. And if you're the kind of person to get easily offended then there's probably no need for you to listen to our Christmas special podcast either!

Episode 89 of "There's Still Time", the AFTN soccer podcast, is up for your aural pleasure.

In true UK style festive shows, it's more Christmas and nonsense than soccer and any sensible chat. So if you want some in-depth Vancouver Whitecaps and MLS analysis, wait for episode 90, but if you have 37 minutes to waste as you await to open your presents, then tune in for some chat about football presents, music about war and killer Santas, and some gift buying advice for all.

Nonsense? Festive fun? Sexist claptrap? Have a listen and decide for yourselves!

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