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Episode 91 - The AFTN Soccer Podcast (Vancouver Whitecaps vs The World)
Jan 9th, 2015 by aftn at 8:21 pm

After the trials and tribulations of a year ago, 2015 has got off to a more stable start for Vancouver Whitecaps, although the same can't really be said for MLS itself with all the Frank Lampard nonsense.

While others in Major League Soccer are foolishly courting the big names on big salaries, the Whitecaps are going for the more low key approach of lesser known difference makers and developing their homegrown talent and team harmony.

New striker Octavio Rivero has been the only addition to the 'Caps squad so far this offseason. Whitecaps head coach Carl Robinson and Club President Bobby Lenarduzzi share their thoughts on the new DP, the importance of developing their own conveyor belt of players and what new additions may still be to come from South America and the UK.

On the subject of youth, we look at the impact that the Whitecaps are having on the Canadian national youth teams and hear from Canadian U20 head coach Rob Gale ahead of the start of the World Cup qualifiers. With nine of the 20 man squad coming through Vancouver's Residency program, it really is the Whitecaps versus the world in Jamaica.

And there's still time for Carl Robinson to kick off the new year with a new feature on the podcast, as he tells us about his football firsts. The matches, the goal and more.

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