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Our Vancouver Whitecaps training camp podcasts continue and this one's a keeper.

Episode 38 comes to you from UBC's Thunderbird Stadium after day three of the Caps' camp and there's been a lot of players eager to make a big impression on the new coaching team.

We speak with one of them, Marco Carducci, about pushing for a spot on the MLS roster and his memorable 2013 for both the Whitecaps and Canada U17s.

We also hear from Omar Salgado, who looks fully fit, bulked up and hungry to make a name for himself in the first team after some horrible injury woes the past two seasons. Salgado has been one of the most impressive players in the opening day of camp and he's not about to ease up.

Amongst the chat of those others who have been standing out, there's still time to throw in a bit of speculation about a new goalkeeper that may be coming to town.

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They're back!

Vancouver Whitecaps are back in preseason training and raring to go under a new regime.

Episode 37 of the AFTN podcast "There's Still Time" comes straight from the training pitch and is the first of hopefully three podcasts that we'll bring you this week from the opening days of camp.

We look at what went down in day one, who impressed and who looked like they still haven't shaken off the Christmas turkey, along with a look at the new additions to the squad, including new signing Steven Beitashour.

We have an exclusive chat with Caps' coach Carl Robinson about his first training session as a manager and not an assistant and what's he's hoping for and expecting from his squad for the whole of the preseason.

And there's still time to talk to some of the Vancouver media about what and who they want to see from the first week of training, and we ask them to sum up the offseason so far in one word!

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The offseason fun never seems to stop in Whitecapsland. It's been another eventful week, but still no actual new player signings apart from draftees.

Episode 36 of "There's Still Time" rounds up all the latest tidbits and with the preseason training camp getting underway this weekend, it's our Preparation H edition.

Hardwork, high hopes, holes and hassles are the order of the day as we look at the newly announced official affiliation between Charleston Battery and Vancouver Whitecaps; the re-signing of captain Jay DeMerit; the three new draftees joining the two and a half old draftees; and the Andre Lewis saga.

We look at the holes that still need to be filled on the Whitecaps roster and take a trip down memory lane with a look at what retired Caps players of old would our listeners love to have back in their prime to help out the current team.

And there's still time to bring you a strong rumour about who the Whitecaps new assistant coach may be.

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Jan 16th, 2014 by aftn at 11:23 pm

Third time's the charm, which means we'll be charming you rotten with our third episode of ”There’s Still Time” of the week.

Episode 35 is a special Double D edition, as we look at draftees and dafties (look that up your Scottish dictionaries).

The daftie comes in the form of Camilo Sanvezzo and we hope to be making our last(ish) comments on the we(e)asel Brazilian.

At the time of writing and recording, the saga is officially still dragging on but from all the unofficial chatter, it's a done deal, with the final financial figure still to come out. Whatever happens, Vancouver Whitecaps will be the ones losing out and the search is on for his replacement.

The Caps squad isn't quite threadbare, but there's not a lot left on the shelves. They do have three new additions however.

Steve and myself look back on today's first two rounds of the 2014 MLS SuperDraft from a Vancouver Whitecaps perspective.

The drafts are always still a bit of a lottery at this stage as we await to see how the newbs fare in the big league. At least the Caps have three more players in their ranks in Christian Dean, Andre Lewis and Mamadou Doudou Diouf and we also have audio from the two first round draftees.

We also get the thoughts of some listeners on the draft and there's still time to finish on the rumoured friendly with Bayern Munich.

Have a listen y'hear.

Your eyes and ears are not deceiving you. We're back already with another new episode of ”There’s Still Time”.

Nope, we've not become a new daily show (although if anyone wants to throw some money our way to make that happen then feel free!), but it's been a busy start to the year in Whitecapsland, apart from when it comes to new signings of course.

Episode 34 is a special Triple A edition, as we look at assistants, assets and asses.

Steve and myself are joined by Steven Lamothe and Zachary Meisenheimer and the debate gets quite heated as we chat about the Camilo Sanvezzo transfer saga. An infuriating and embarrassing start to the year, that looks to finally be getting settled very soon, just not in the most pleasing way for the Caps.

That issue obviously takes up the bulk of this episode but we also look at happier news with the announcement of Carl Robinson's new technical staff, and what it means for the future of the Whitecaps and the young players at the club.

We also look ahead to the upcoming MLS SuperDraft, cast our eyes over some of the players out there and look at that age old chestnut of do you draft the best player available or draft to fill your needs?

And there's still time for our new section "Dreams", where we look at listener's dream jobs in football.

And remember, everyone has options. Just choose yours wisely. Start by listening to this episode!

It's a New Year. Time to kick out the old, welcome the new. But before we can quite do that, we need a little closure.

Horrible man flu prevented us from doing both our Christmas special and part two of our year in review. But podcasts are like disgruntled Whitecaps strikers, you wait for them, then two come along at the same time.

Episode 33 of ”There’s Still Time” is finally part two of our end of year roundtable, featuring our regular roundtable guests Steven Lamothe and Zachary Meisenheimer.

It's not just going to be a straight month by month and game by game review, as we try look at the big Vancouver Whitecaps and Canadian news stories of July to December 2013 and the issues arising out of them that will be important and talking points going forward into this coming year.

There's the good - the Cascadia Cup win. The bad - missing the playoffs. The ugly - the Camilo and Mattocks affairs. And so much more.

Have a listen and start your New Year cleanse right here.

Also watch out for Episode 34 of the podcast, with all the latest Whitecaps talk, coming tomorrow!

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